February 5, 2016


We are an inclusive and progressive community that moves to an ancient rhythm with a modern beat.

Worship, fellowship, prayer, ministry and service create a sacred rhythm always made new, leading us into God’s future. Whether you are a seeker, churchgoer, or just someone trying to figure out who this Jesus is, you are in good company. Stay with us as long as God calls you to be here. We believe that God’s desire for each of us is spiritual health and wholeness, wherever you find it. We do not presume that we are the end of your journey, just a part of it.

Jesus invited everyone to his table, so we invite everyone to God’s table too. Sunday worship includes Communion. We offer several opportunities for worship throughout the weeks and seasons of the year.

Parish Eucharist – 10am, Sundays

This liturgy is our primary gathering as a community. It’s a joyous service with lively singing, sermon, choir anthems, and conversation followed by Communion.

Holy Week and Easter at St. Asaph’s Church

Maundy Thursday, April 9

Our liturgy begins at 8:00 pm, via a Zoom virtual gathering.

Good Friday, April 10

we will begin at 11:55am for a organ prelude, then the service continues at 12:00 pm with a brief liturgy- 30 minutes or so – available by Zoom invitation or on Facebook following the service. 

Please remember that your Good Friday offering will go to assist the work of the Episcopal Diocese in Jerusalem. Special envelopes will be available at the door throughout Holy Week.

Holy Saturday, April 11

there will be a brief morning prayer at 8:00 am by Zoom invitation and again on Facebook after the service.   

Sunday, April 12, the Day of the Feast of the Resurrection

The Festival Eucharist begins at 10:00 am, by Zoom invitation, and will also be available on Facebook Live.  

All services will be conducted in a virtual format for the foreseeable future. Please contact the church office for more information on how to take part in these online worship services.

sanctuary2172Our newly-configured worship space provides a worshipful environment enhancing liturgy, word, and music.